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Added on 25-09-2022
BY manoj jain

WiFi Camera - Stand Alone System

WIFi Stand alone camera

WIFi Stand alone camera

WiFi Camera are new trend in market , where camera itself record video and audio in its memory card ( recommended memory card are class 10 high speed) .

wifi camera could be 4G sim card camera , just insert sim and memory card camera is ready tp use at site  using DC power adaptor .

now solar wifi 4G camera are more popular at construction site where power to camera is given by inbuilt solar panel and recording got storage in memory card.

the drawback with independent wifi camera are as 

1. these can be seen only on mobile screen 

2. if camera got stolen then all recording will be gone .

to address these draw back now a days to address stolen camera issue cloud base recording in wifi camera is available at per month expenditure of some amount .

to address first issue of watching camera same time over mobile app and TV there is new advance wifi camera available those can be seen over TV and mobile as well .. 

so for small duration and low budget wifi camera are good solution 

There are following types of WiFi camera available

1. Indoor 360 degree rotating camera 

2. outdoor 360 rotating camera also call PTZ Wi-Fi camera 

3. Indoor fix wifi  dome camera

4 Outdoor fix bullet camera 

5. 4G Dome camera

6 4G bullet camera

7. 4G PTZ Camera

8 4G Solar PTZ camera 


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