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Tips For Choosing The Right Access Control -Electric Door Lock For Your Needs

Smart Access Control System

Smart Access Control System

our handy tips to help you choose the best access control lock for your control systems such as electric drop bolt locks and maglocks.

Access control electric door locks are a vital aspect of any access control system. If you imagine that the entire system was a human, the electric lock would be like the human’s feet and hands. The lock is important to maintaining the stability of the control system in its entirety. If the card reader and the controller for the access system are both functional the electric lock is of low quality, and the usage of the lock system will suffer as the door will not open as intended.

Smart Access Control System
Electromagnetic Lock

Electromagnetic Lock

1st Tip: Decide Whether To Buy An Electric Drop Bolt Or A Magnetic Lock

To decide the best type of lock to install, it’s first necessary to determine the type of door. For glass doors that are bidirectional, electric drop bolt locks are the best choice. For unidirectional internal doors, electromagnetic locks are ideal. Installation of these locks takes place inside the door’s upper frame.

The electromagnetic lock’s stability is greater than that of an electric lock, but the trade-off is the higher safety of an electrical lock. However, regardless of the type of lock used, it is essential to ensure that the lock is rainproof and rustproof if installation is planned in outdoor open environment.

2nd Tip: To Make Complete Access Control System what items are required 

There is no only lock that will make access control system , you also need Power supply to power lock ,  control system like RFID control, Biometric Control, Mobile app control , or access by after Video Call or Audio Call … so after deciding that how you want to control the lock accordingly other items also required. 

example 1 - we want to have door  lock at main gate want to open by exit button , remote and mobile app only .

in this case you  only need  1 nos. Jenix mobile app operated power supply , 1 Jenix exit button ,and 1 Jenix lock ..   

Example 2 - we want to have door  lock at main gate want to open by exit button , remote only .

in this case you  only need  1 nos. Jenix remote operated power supply , 1 Jenix exit button ,and 1 Jenix lock ..   


3rd Tip: The Smart Way of Choosing An Electric Lock 

 The  Lock to be selected  as per application area, suppose if  door  lock required for main metal door then  only best choice left with jenix rim lock having 6 numbers of keys ( as mechanical keys are backup plan in case no power and all member of family are outside and you don't have mobile app and remote to open the lock so that you may open electronic door lock by mechanical key , this must be safe and secure so that no one can copy it , we recommended to use of computerized keys.

Now if door lock required at home at inner wooden gate or on metal Jali Wala gate there we have following choices

1. either use same 6 keys  RIM lock as used in main gate, but it will make sound when you open it and some time may annoy user if again and again its being open.

2 or you may choose silent motor operated door lock , as this kind electronic door lock dose not make sound when open or closed.

link for lock 

3. if electronic door lock required for office , jewelry shop  or commercial buildings where we can use either Drop Bolt Lock ( if Door is made of toughened glass and frame is also made of glass  then use full glass door lock is best choice ) 

4. if Door is made of glass but surrounding frame is made of wood then drop bolt lock with Glass U bracket can also be used , also EM Lock with U bracket can be used ( if want to open one side only) . in EM lock Z Bracket or L Bracket might be required according to door swing at right side or left side .. you may ask us for exact selection of bracket 

5 . If wooden door is there and frame is either made of stone or wood or aluminum frame then we suggest to used open surface bolt lock as its easy to use and safe and reliable .


Various kind of electronic door lock

Various kind of electronic door lock

4th Tip: Should You Purchase  Lock with inbuilt access control and/or inbuilt battery  or for Drawer /Cabinet / Almirah / Safe

There is now modern way lock also available , they have inbuilt access control by RFID card, or by Remote or by Biometric finger .

this kind of lock are do it yourself type as buyer himself can fix  that directly and no need of ay specific skills.

now door lock also available those have inbuilt battery and biometric access control and even portable like pad lock

there is also lock available for drawer , cabinet , safe, ATM , cash van , battery swapping machine, coffee vending machine , hospital or hotel drawers  … you may ask us for your  specific need we  can assist you to choose right lock and access control system.

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