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TTlock WiFi Gateway Remote Control Bluetooth Smart Door Lock with TTLock App, Gateway Work with Alexa Voice Control for Smart Door Lock, G2 Gateway

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Product Description

【Wide Compatibility】G2 Gateway can be used in conjunction with TTLock App controlled smart locks. Compatible with multiple smart locks, a gateway can be used with multiple smart locks to control, farewell to the era of key unlocking.

【Remote Unlock/Lock】 TTLock can realize the smart lock for remote control of the door through the gateway, it can realize the remote one-key unlocking.

【Voice Control】 The G2 gateway connects to Alexa(not including Alexa) and allows you to use voice-controlled WiFi smart locks. Perfect sound for opening doors when you're home in the dark or when your hands are full and you can't easily reach the keys.

【Easy to Set Up】Connecting is as simple as connecting your smart door lock to the gateway via TTLock, but place the gateway within 32 feet (10 meters) of the lock to prevent the connection from failing.

【Note】 Please install the gateway equipment in an open and unobstructed location as far as possible in order to obtain better communication effect.

* Online Audit Trail

•Remote opening from Reception or via administrator smartphone

•Battery level control

•Access credential management

•Date / Time Update

Remote maintenance and management of electronic locks and Bluetooth access controls.

Control from the Reception PC and via Smartphone


The online TThotel system operates by double connectivity: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Devices > Administrator

Electronic locks and access controls send the information via Bluetooth to the Gateway.

The Gateway, connected to a hotel Wi-Fi network, sends all the information received to the server to make it available for the administrator.

Administrator > Devices

The online functions the administrator executes remotely from their PC or Smartphone are transmitted from the server to the Gateway via Wi-Fi and channelled via Bluetooth to the locks and access controls.

When the administrator Smartphone and the lock or access control to be managed are within the Bluetooth range, they communicate directly via Bluetooth and transmit the information without using the Gateway or Wi-Fi.

To implement an online system, a Wi-Fi network, locks and/or access controls with Bluetooth connectivity from Ilockey are essential.


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