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Wifi Main Circuit Breaker (MCB) / Smart Switch overload and short circuit protection for Smart home work with Smart life app (63A 2Pole ) STM63KWh

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Product Description

Smart Control from Anywhere: Jenix Smart Wifi Breaker works with Alexa, Google Assistant and IFTTT, you can simply control it with voice order when your hand is busy. Turn Your home Electricity on/off from anywhere with mobile devices using the Smart life app, No hub Required , Low power loss and long service life.

Remote Control: Download the free app "Smart life", after setting the smart plugs on your mobile phone, you can control the household Wifi breaker anytime and anywhere. You don't have to worry about whether the home Electricity has been turned on/off. You can check it whenever you are not at home.

Timer and Devices Sharing: You can set up time schedule to run Power of Your Home or Office automatically, multiple schedules can be set to meet specific needs. And sharing your account to your family or office collegue

Control device from Local or Anywhere: The Wifi breaker can be used to Turn ON/OFF the connected Line, It can be used for manual ON/OFF function as a Regular MCB. Or When you are out of home or travelling, You can Use Mobile App "Smart life" to turn the Switch ON/OFF.

Check Metering : check any time use of KWh meter ( Unit ) , also set Undervotage or Overvolatge limit to protect the home appliances product . as this will ut automatic power once overvoltage detected. 

2 Pole N P type

Model - STM63KWh

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