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Jenix Wifi Smart Switch for Alexa/Google Assistant Enabled, Remote Control, Android and iOS Support Switch Make existing switch board to smart switch retrofit solution up to 16Amp load

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Product Description

Remote Control Switch: We can put it directly in the switch bottom box. So you don’t have to climb stairs to install the controller. Connect with home Wi-Fi without hub required. Remotely turn on/off light or other appliances with smartphone App anywhere at any time as long as your phone has a network.

Schedule Automatic Control: Set timer schedules to automatically on/ off home appliances based on your preferences. You can set countdown/scheduled/loop timers to create your situational life.

Voice Control: Works with Alexa and Google Home, instead of reaching for the switch button every time, you can easily turn on/off the home appliances by your voice command, no hub required, create scenes on Alexa or Google Home.

Support Two-way Control: 16A current, suitable for most household equipment. This smart DIY switch could be used for your old 2 way control switch. Especially, you still available to control the old switch manually after installed it.

Group Control: Create a group for all smart relays for one press control, one smart relay can be controlled by multiple mobile phones, share it with your family, everyone can control it easily. Perfect for hard-to-reach appliances & devices without ON/OFF switches.

16A Mini Smart Wifi DIY Switch Supports 2 Way Control, Smart Home Automation Module, 1. Turn ordinary non-smart appliances or equipment into smart. 2. Mobile App control. Control the switch, timing, countdown, and other functions of the device through the mobile phone. 3. Remote control. It can realize the remote control of the light by mobile phone, no matter where you are on the earth, as long as your mobile phone can connect to the network, you can control it. 4. Networking technology. One mobile phone can control multiple switches, and one switch can be controlled by multiple mobile phones at the same time. 5. The Internet of Everything. Through settings, it can be linked with other intelligent scenes to make life smarter.

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