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Jenix 12V Solenoid Latch Smart Safe Electronic Key-Less Motor Driven Locker Cabinet Lock I Hidden Solenoid Electric Lock with State Detection Feedback (if Lock is Closed or not) Cabinet Lock, Black

699 2,000

Product Description

Made of high quality pure carbon steel, electrophoretic paint surface treatment, corrosion resistance with adjustable elasticity, suitable cabinet door, automatically popped open with power On. Easy to install, and set aside a mechanical emergency unlocking position. Smallest Size Make it suitable for fitting in any cabinet , Lorry , Drawer , Window , safe . Connect with , Node MCU , RFID Pad, Bio metric Machine by giving 12V DC for 10 mili second to unlock. Get Feedback connection , connected to MCU to tell status of lock. This Lock shells are made from low carbon steel, anti-force performance: 250kgs,Three times surface treatment: copper plated, nickel plated and matt chrome-plated


* 12VDC stronger push rod storage door lock solenoid electric lock electronic cabinet lock

* In the anti-theft and shockproof design, the lock is better than other kinds of locks

* This electromagnetic lock is a mechanical lock controlled by the relay.

* The lock works as the circuits disconnects, and it will unlock as the instant power-on.

* Three ways of unlocking are for emergency, so there is no necessary to destroy the lock.

* Safety: the lock hook can bear 150Kg tension without obvious permanent deformation;With anti - shock, anti - skid performance

* Lock opening detection: built-in lock opening position detection, door lock switch conduction, lock opening switch disconnect.

* installation: small size, simple installation, no left or right, positive and negative points;And set aside the mechanical emergency unlocking position.

Watch Video to see the operation

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